The Difference Between a Spliff, Blunt, and Joint

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Next time someone asks you what the difference is, you’ll be able to hit them with this article.

Not all cannabis terms are interchangeable. Joints, spliffs, and blunts are slightly different from each other in ways that can make big impacts on your smoke session. So which one is the best? Read on to find out the differences between a spliff, blunt, and joint so you can decide which roll will meet your smoking needs.

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The Difference at a Glance

Contains Cannabis
Contains Tobacco
Paper Wrapped
Leaf Wrapped

What is a Joint?

A joint is rolled with cigarette papers and contains only cannabis. You can usually fit up to a gram of weed in a joint. 

What Does a Joint Look Like?

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Because there are a variety of rolling papers available for purchase, a joint can look like anything from a white cigarette to a rolled up hundred dollar bill to a 24K stick of gold. Joints are typically about the size of a cigarette. 

How to Roll a Joint

Rolling a joint can be tricky. You might have to practice a bit before you get it right.

  • First, prepare the cannabis. You should grind your bud to break it up without turning it into powder.
  • Second, prepare your rolling filter. You just need a small piece of cardboard for this—a torn off corner of a business card will do the trick. Roll it into a tube and place it on one end of the rolling paper. Make sure you’ve placed it on the paper’s glue strip. You can also purchase a filter in advance.
  • Third, gently tap your cannabis onto the rolling paper. Try and keep it in an even line. Make sure that there’s about half an inch of paper left on the end that is opposite of the filter so you can properly close the joint when you’re done.
  • Fourth, carefully roll the cannabis into a tube. You’ll have to keep the filter in position while you do this. Lick the glue on the paper and fold it over the tube.

For the daring who want to experiment with more creative ways to roll, check out these ideas

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