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indica, those plants come from the northern side of the planet, you can find indica in Europe, north and central America, and Asia, those plants are smaller than Sativa, they are hard in taking I mean they aren’t as challenging as Sativa and they are very resistant, dark green thick leaves and compact flower on a plant that doesn’t need sun 24/7,

Adaptation of Indica Strain

they can deal with smaller amounts of water and they can deal very well with different temperatures, most kush strains are India dominated, when it comes to consuming Indica strains have a rich flavored flower, the content is mostly on mid to high level, and the flower will help you very well on pain relief, finding sleep, and relaxation, better for evening or night time usage, the biggest advantage, in my opinion, is that those plants are mostly easy to grow which makes them perfect for beginners, they are much more resistant compared to Sativa strains

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